Cabal PH Bail Out System is Back!

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One week before the official patch release of Episode 10 – Rising Force: Extreme, the game publisher Level Up! Inc announced that the bail out system for Cabal PH has been reactivated, July 19th of 2013. Meaning, an account which has been previously suspended/blocked/banned due to usage of bot and hack tools can be retrieved by paying a penalty fee. Some players said “hooray! I can have my character back” and some said that “it’s the most stupid thing the publisher ever done” and there were lots of pros and cons statements among the cheaters and the legit players. In the main article they released on their site, their reason for reactivating the service was:

“However, we also believe that most have now learned their lesson, thus we’re bringing back the CABAL “Bailout System” for a limited time. Players whose game accounts have been frozen because they violated game policies may reclaim their accounts only by paying the fine/penalty through the Bailout system.”

The CABAL Bailout System will be open from July 19 to August 8, 2013. So, the penalty payment is 500 LU Credits for the offenders who used bot and hack tools and with a permanent game account suspension. Penalty Payment For more instructions on how to use the Bail Out System, gamers can visit the Penalty Payment page by logging into Here’s the screenshot of the page. Cabal Ph Bail Out page   If you have some questions in mind, you can visit their FAQs page at: