Cabal PH’s T-Point System is Back!

T-point system

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Do you guys miss the T-point system? Well, good news was that it has been reactivated last July 18th!
How does it work?
A T-point is a bonus point that you acquire through playing CABAL Online. For every 10 minutes you spend playing CABAL Online, you get [1] 0ne T-Point! When you get enough T-Points, you can exchange these points for in-game items with the corresponding T-Points.

There will be certain limitations to acquiring T-Points in CABAL Online. You won’t be able to gain T-Points if:
– You are in a safe zone.
– You’re not active (AFK) for more than 5 minutes.
– You open a personal shop for more than 5 minutes
– You’re doing a social action (like dancing) for more than 5 minutes
– You’re using a dummy

The T-Point Shop can be accessed by opening the Cash Shop.

Users cannot get more than 200 T-Point as it is limited.
You can earn T-Points again after consuming or purchasing items from the T-Points Shop.

For more details, red the main article on their site by clicking the link below.


Manual Patch for Ep 10 Rising Force: Extreme Update with Patch Notes

Read Manual Patch for Ep 10 Rising Force: Extreme Update with Patch Notes here:

Rising Force: EXTREME is the third part update of the recent Episode 10 Patch. This update will be released this coming July 25, 2013 after the server maintenance!

You may download the password-protected manual patch in advance by clicking on this LINK.
The password for the file will be released on July 25.

This update will include:

  • New Transcender Skills
  • Extreme Upgrade System
  • New Awakened Dungeon
  • New Achievements and Titles
  • Intro of Weapon and Armor Box
  • New BM3 Synergies
  • New Cash Shop Items

TOP 3 Features:

1 New Trancender Skills
2 Introduction of EXTREME Upgrade System
3 New Awakened Dungeon and Achievements

For the full update details, go to the official Cabal PH website post at:


PK Activated by Angel Lea Madriñan

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PK activated by Angel Lea Madriñan

PK activated by Angel Lea Madriñan

Another digital painting fan-art of mine for Cabal Online PH! Featuring a blader and a force blader during a PK battle in Lakeside!

Who do you think will win?:)

Cabal Rising Force: Extreme [Quick Peek] Update

Read Cabal Rising Force: Extreme [Quick Peek] Update here:

Cabal Rising Force Extreme

CABAL Online’s new update- RISING Force: Extreme will be launched this coming July 25th, 2013!This update contains the following new features:
– New Transcender Skills for all Classes
– Introduction of the Extreme Upgrade System
– Introduction of new Dungeon: Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakened)
– New Achievements and Titles
– New Battle Mode Synergies
– Introduction of Weapon and Armor Boxes (Drei Frame and Lycanus)Full patch notes will be posted soon. Stay tuned for official announcements by regularly visiting
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Cabal Rising Force Extreme