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LEVEL UP! PLAY features Single Sign-On, which means you just need one account
to play, manage, and top-up all your games.


If you are using an E-Games account:

You can log in to LEVEL UP! PLAY using your CURRENT existing E-games username and password. No need to register again!

There will be no change to your Ran, Cabal, Audition, Point Blank and Band Master game accounts and details. Your account, characters, load/credit balance, and customer support ticket(s) will NOT BE DELETED. They will only be transferred to LEVEL UP! PLAY. You will be able to see your current load balance as if you logged in to the E-Games accounts/top-up page.
You can use your new LEVEL UP! PLAY account to automatically play Assault Fire, our new sci-fi shooter. No need to register separately!

You can still use the same top-up cards to load up your LEVEL UP! PLAY account.

With your LEVEL UP! PLAY account, you can play the following games:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is new in LEVEL UP! PLAY?
A: LEVEL UP! PLAY incorporates important elements from your classic account management websites such as secure email validation (and a one-account-per-email policy) with a SINGLE SIGN-ON system, which only requires you, the player, to register for one account only to access what Level Up! has to offer. Soon, there will be no more need to remember multiple game accounts; you will only need to remember your one LEVEL UP! PLAY account. In the next phases of our transition to the new system, additional services such as the game forums will also be accessible via your LEVEL UP! PLAY account. All this with a sleek new look and a simpler and faster interface, to make managing your gaming easier than ever before!

Q: When is LEVEL UP! PLAY going to be active and useable?
A: LEVEL UP! PLAY is launching on April 18, 2013.

Q: How do I register for a LEVEL UP! PLAY account?
A: Just visit, click on REGISTER, and fill up the form provided. You will be asked for a username, your preferred password, and the email address you want to link to your LEVEL UP! PLAY account for validation.

Q: Do I need to register a different LEVEL UP! PLAY account for each game I want to play?
A: No, you only need to sign up for ONE LEVEL UP! PLAY account, and you can use it to play all the games included in the LEVEL UP! PLAY system (Assault Fire, RAN, Cabal, Point Blank, Audition, and Band Master).

Q: Can I use an email I have used before (either in MyLevelUp! or E-games) to register and validate my LEVEL UP! PLAY account?
A: No, you have to provide a different email address. LEVEL UP! PLAY only requires and accepts one unique email address per account.

Q: How many characters are allowed for the My Level Up! username and password?
A: For your username, you can use up to a maximum of 16 characters but not less than the minimum of 6 characters. For your password, you can use up to a maximum of 20 characters but not less than the minimum of 6 characters. Passwords are CASE-SENSITIVE.

Q: Which characters are allowed for My Level Up! username and password? Are ASCII characters allowed?
A: You can only use alpha-numeric characters. ASCII characters are not allowed. No symbols and/or spaces.

Q: I’ve finished filling up the form and pressed CREATE. It says that I have to validate my registered email. How do I do this?
A: Check your email address (the one that you entered in registration) and open the email from LEVEL UP! PLAY. Click the validation link shown there, and then you’re done!

Q: If I am using an E-Games account, am I required to make a LEVEL UP! PLAY account too?
A: No, since your E-Games account IS your LEVEL UP! PLAY account! No changes are going to be made to your profile and account details; you can continue to use your existing username and password. All your characters, gear, load/top-up/credits, CS tickets, and account history WILL NOT BE CHANGED OR DELETED.

Q: If I am new to Level Up! games and this is my first time to register, am I required to make a LEVEL UP! PLAY account?
A: No, but it is recommended that you make a LEVEL UP! PLAY account now to play Assault Fire, RAN, Cabal, Point Blank, Audition, and Band Master. If you want to play our other games too, (Ragnarok, Grand Chase, Perfect World, Rohan, FlyFF, Eligium, Brawl Busters, Crazy Kart, and RF Online), please register for a MyLevelUp! account.

Q: Can I have a LEVEL UP! PLAY account and a MyLevelUp! account at the same time?
A: Yes, as long as you have registered a unique (different) username and email address for each account.

If you have questions, you can visit the main link and file up the LEVEL UP! PLAY form: . This is for  LEVEL UP! PLAY inquiries only.